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A.D.S. Coaching & Mentoring

• Are you talking to professionals and still feel like you are searching for new clients?
• Are you networking weekly and wondering if networking works for you?
• Do you struggle with filling your calendar with new appointments?
• Do you spend more time looking at spreadsheets and wondering if you are going to have enough income to pay the bills?
• If you answered yes to one of these questions, spend and hour with me and let's see how you are mastering your business.

Member Small Business Professionals Network, Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce.

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@AlaynaStiffler Apr 24, 15:40

People who are wasting your time are wasting your money. Choose wisely. #BusinessTip #Entrepreneur https://t.co/PsmCTYEHKF

@AlaynaStiffler Apr 22, 16:40

Get wild today and do something fun for you and your family #LifeIsGood #Life https://t.co/g5tK3e23l5

@AlaynaStiffler Apr 19, 03:24

Small Business Professionals Network at 9am https://t.co/0NsW0CZbBF

@AlaynaStiffler Apr 17, 17:05

ADSBusinessCoach@gmail.com for more information https://t.co/p986ClZUnV

@AlaynaStiffler Apr 15, 16:35

Sipping a hot coffee is the best moment to just daydream and reflect #LifeIsGood #Life https://t.co/5yMTpaqgvv

@AlaynaStiffler Apr 14, 16:05

It never hurts to be nice! #Life #LifeIsGood https://t.co/bpVqjz7w38

@AlaynaStiffler Apr 11, 15:55

SBPN Fredericksburg. The writing is on the wall and you're invited. New to networking, no fear. You are always we… https://t.co/0824JijyBF

@AlaynaStiffler Apr 08, 16:35

Thank a customer and a friend today for something and pay it forward #LifeIsGood #Motivational https://t.co/thGrrAEe5s

@AlaynaStiffler Apr 07, 17:40

Business is for explorers. When you put yourself in a box, you forget your destination! #Coaching #Motivational https://t.co/gB8Q2ZCmJT

@AlaynaStiffler Apr 06, 16:45

Don't stop now. The best is yet to come when you let yourself say yes to something great! #Motivationalhttps://t.co/wksaCmHFaq

@AlaynaStiffler Apr 05, 17:45

It is part of your job to stay calm! Excellent Customer Service is always the best referral #BusinessCoachhttps://t.co/USLzjk24cF

@AlaynaStiffler Apr 04, 17:55

Affirmations lift up instead of beat down. What are you telling yourself everyday?#Leadership #Coaching https://t.co/wGzNWB6e2X

@AlaynaStiffler Apr 03, 17:15

Feeling thankful? How can you thank someone today that has helped you? #LifeIsGood #Motivational https://t.co/eTNnoKlA7Q

@AlaynaStiffler Apr 03, 14:45

Networking in Culpeper and it is not too late to join us at 10am, The newest adventure at SBPN #Networkinghttps://t.co/O3soFh7OP4

@AlaynaStiffler Apr 03, 03:41

Small Business Professionals Network https://t.co/nHcMUvoydd

@AlaynaStiffler Apr 03, 03:35

Live2Lead Sponsorship Opportunities are now open! October 6, 2017 will be here before you know.

@AlaynaStiffler Apr 03, 03:35

Live2Lead is on the calendar for October 6, 201

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